Website Build-and-launch


A website that comes together in one weekend and looks like a months-in-the-making work of genius? Watch it happen in real time, one on one with yours truly.

It took the Apollo missions just three days to reach the moon, so I assure you it’s possible to launch your search-engine optimized, social-media enabled Squarespace website in one intensive weekend in Syracuse, New York (“ground control”). Arrive with the content and images you’ve selected in advance (I’ll help you with the final edit) as well as your completed “homework,” and we’ll get right to work building your site, one element at a time. Discuss what you want, give immediate feedback, and strengthen or gain Squarespace skills along the way.

How does it work?

We’ll set a date, and I’ll send you a scope-of-work agreement and some handy-dandy worksheets to fill out in advance (i.e., homework). Some of your “assignments” include choosing a Squarespace template, clarifying your brand image and messaging, and listing your website goals to name a few.

When we meet, we’ll talk more about your brand, goals and expectations, and then get down to business, determining the best structure for your site and proceeding from there.

As for division of labor, you can work on content, emails or whatever is deemed necessary while I design, as long as you’re on hand for feedback and approvals.

Cost: $5225

(50% deposit required. Travel, transportation and lodging are NOT included.)


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