Squarespace Build & Launch

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Why meet in person? What is the difference with your other services?

In a word, efficiency! The design process varies and is often held up due to missing content, busy schedules, late or unclear feedback, missed deadlines and, well, life just getting in the way. When you schedule a trip to work an intensive day-and-a-half with me in person, your website is likely to go live that same weekend provided some prep work is completed in advance. Working one-on-one is much more efficient than waiting for email replies or playing phone tag. We work side-by-side to get instant feedback and questions answered in real time. Plus, you get to learn how to use Squarespace as we go along.

Is this the best option for me and my business?

This accelerated approach works best for smaller sites and for folks willing and able to complete the preparatory work without a lot of hand-holding and then pass the baton on to me for the big finish. Of course, you’ll be on hand and actively involved throughout the design process. The weekend’s objective is to get your site launched or on the verge of launching, with a list of specific action steps to head home with. If you have more questions about what all that entails, please contact me to discuss.

What platform will we use to build my website?

Squarespace of course! Squarespace is beautiful and functional right out of the box. This allows us to focus less on code and setup and more on content, hierarchy, usability and, of course, looks. And when I’m done designing your Squarespace site, it’s a cinch for you to update on your own.

Can a Squarespace website really be built in a weekend?

Oh, yes. We’ll work together, in tandem, to make sure all the moving parts are created and then populate your web pages so that by the time you leave, you will have the most important elements if not everything in place and ready to launch. The beauty of Squarespace is that we can focus on content, strategy and visual appeal without having to worry too much about how to code this or that. A combination of your homework plus my research and Squarespace experience will position us to move quickly and efficiently plus give us time to swap stories, share laughs and enjoy some time for coffee, chocolate or both!

Do I need to have a logo before I sign up?

Yes, this workshop is focused on designing and building a Squarespace website. It is important to have a brand identity and logo designed prior to building a website. We’ll take your identity elements and incorporate your brand style to cohere with your print and other marketing materials. If you need a new logo or a logo redesign, please contact me for referrals.

What else do I need to prepare in advance?

Once your spot is confirmed, you will receive homework. This must be completed before we meet or your spot and deposit will be forfeited. Your homework begins with a questionnaire and could include brand exercises, gathering existing materials, generating new content and more depending on whether or not you have an existing website, your website goals, and personal/business goals. You must complete your assignment two weeks prior to our meeting. I want to make sure all of our ducks are in a row before you arrive so we can blast off quickly!

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a laptop (Mac preferred with the latest system, browser and software updates); a notebook and pen; an external hard drive; and an open mind and a positive attitude. Also, your completed homework and all of your digital files (copy, logo, domain login information, etc.) I will send you a PDF with all the information you will need for your mini workshop with me.

What dates are available?

There are no fixed dates, as my schedule varies. Dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. My weekend workshops are about efficiency, not speed; unfortunately, I cannot help you if you need a website in two weeks! I teach and travel and, therefore, need plenty of advance notice to schedule our time together. When you’re here, you’ll have my undivided attention. Once you are confirmed, please be courteous and notify me well in advance if you plan to cancel or reschedule. (Be sure to read the deposit and refund policies before booking.)

What is your payment process?

When you are ready to reserve your spot, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The fee is non-refundable to make sure we honor the date we set aside for you. A cancelation means a missed goal for you and a missed opportunity for others who want to get their website up and running just as eagerly as you do. Payment for the remaining balance must clear before we commence work in Syracuse.

What will I be expected to do/contribute?

Chances are there will be a lot of questions from me to you but think of this time as an opportunity for you to learn and focus without interruption or distractions on your website. Once I receive your homework, I’ll have a better sense of how to plan our time together. For example, if you have a lot of product you would like to sell, we may tackle those pages first so that you are trained and comfortable and ready to update and add additional pages while I move on to another section of your site.

What, in turn, can I expect from you?

This varies from client to client. I customize the workshop and allocate time spent on various aspects of the site based on your specific needs. Every participant can expect to have their site map developed; a home page to die for; plus a minimum of two to three other pages. If you plan to sell stuff, I will set up your online store but you’ll need to stock the shelves, so to speak, on your own. (Don’t worry! I will give you a tutorial and stock up to five products so you’ll leave with a functional online store and the know-how to grow and operate it.) You are guaranteed your allotted time so if we manage to design your site quickly, we can work on extras if you’d like and then go live that very weekend.

Is there a limit to the number of pages?

Yes. We will work together to design the overall look and feel and set up the primary templates. Once those templates are set up, you will be able to duplicate and add similar content on your own. I’ll give you time to practice and, with my help and training, you’ll leave confident in your ability to edit, update and add to your website with ease.

What if I need e-commerce? Is that included in the setup?

Yes, but there will be a limit to the number of products I will set up for you (five). If you have more than five products, I will give you the training you need to add and edit product pages within Squarespace so you can do it yourself. If you require e-commerce, let me know on the questionnaire and I will provide more detailed instructions once your spot is confirmed.

Will you move content over from my old site/blog?

It depends. If your blog is with an older version of Squarespace or WordPress, it is sometimes rather easy to migrate your blog posts to Squarespace. Other times, it is so time-consuming that it cannot be accomplished during the course of a mini workshop. Notify me ahead of time if you have a blog that needs to be migrated, and I will let you know if it’s feasible and what is involved. For your website content (not blog content): Be sure to make a backup of all of your content before arriving in Syracuse. I will provide more detailed instructions once your spot is confirmed.

Does the package include training on how to use/update the site?

Absolutely. We’ll take at least one or two hours to make sure you are comfortable updating your new website on your own. You’ll be provided with a PDF of online resources where you’ll be able to find answers and get additional help if needed. Be sure to check out Squarespace’s excellent resources for online assistance.

Where will we meet/work?

We’ll meet in Syracuse, New York. Specific location details will be provided once your spot is confirmed. Rest assured, the space will be quiet, private and comfortable.

What are our work hours?

Generally, our days will be from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. with several breaks for coffee, snacks and lunch. The days can be shorter depending on how quickly the design comes together to your satisfaction.

Can you recommend lodging?

Most definitely.

  • Sheraton, Syracuse University Hotel and Conference Center
  • Genessee Grand Hotel
  • Hotel Skylar
  • Jefferson Clinton Hotel

Can you recommend things to do or see nearby?

Absolutely. Check out some of my favorite things to do in Central New York.