Custom digital & print magazine design

Creativity takes courage.

— Henri Matisse

Not long ago, a wedding photographer took the plunge and invested in a re-brand. New logo, new identity, new website, the works. His friends said it happened so fast. But when you know, you know.

He wasn’t more self-promotional than you. He’d simply decided he was ready to break into the high-end market.

It didn’t hurt that his work was phenomenal.

In the months that followed, he transformed his business by attracting premium clients. Even his friends were impressed. It was my pleasure to be a part of that.

What’s the difference between a $1,500-a-day photographer
and a $6,000-a-day photographer?

Your uniqueness is your greatest strength, not how well you emulate others.

—Simon S. Tam


Having worked with several photographers (and even married one) I believe it’s all in the presentation.

Of course, you’re worth every penny. But you get to shape how people perceive that value. You want your logo, your website, and your materials to send a clear message: “If you haven’t heard of me yet, it’s only because you’ve never seen anyone like me before.”

Rise to the occasion with a logo, identity, and brand design from Cococello.

We’ll work together to create something substantial and sustainable. A brand that stands the test of time.

Smart, hardworking design isn’t about turning you into someone else.

Like your photographs themselves, great design frames what’s remarkable about you in ways that buyers love, so they invite you to the wedding before you’ve even met. They won’t be able to help themselves. From the minute they call you, they’re just in, and you both know it.

Take the next step and book a Person of Influence Design Session.

If you’re not influential now, let’s get on that. It all begins with a design session. A 90-minute phone conversation in which you can ask me anything, and come away with a plan. You bring your talent and your aspirations, I’ll bring mine. I’m selective about the clients I take on, but only because I need to believe we can do this. You need to believe it, too.

When you’re ready to begin your transformation into a Person of Influence, here is what to expect during the branding process.

Phase one
Brand Discovery

I start with an interview where we work together to discover where you are now and where you want to go. I help you evaluate and get clear about you and your business.

Phase two
Brand Strategy

After our exploration about you and your business, I work with you to determine your je ne sai quoi; your secret sauce. This includes defining your market, your ideal client, your unique experience and your “visual aesthetic”. I want to know what makes you and your ideal client tick.

Phase three
Brand Style

It’s time to visually bring your brand to life. This includes a "brand board" — logo, color palette, patterns — all the visual elements of your brand.

Phase four
Brand Identity

Using your new logo and brand style, it’s time to flesh out your identity stationery: business card, letterhead, thank you card, and coordinating envelopes. Also included is a social media icon for use on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Phase five
Brand Guide

Now that you have all the elements, you may need help figuring how best to use your new brand and help guide your business’ future (and growth!). Your official style guide is a brief plan on how best to implement your brand into your marketing strategy.

Ready? Let’s get on it. Schedule a Person of Influence Design Session.