Become a Person of Influence.

How did such a talented photographer go unrecognized for so long? Happens all the time. But now you’re ready for a change. Let’s prove your influence to the world of high-end buyers.

At some point in a photographer’s career, it happens. The dip. You realize you don’t want more clients. You want better clients.

You don’t want to chase these persons of influence. You want to become one, so they come to you.

I like to think of our work together as planning and building a great city. When you’re a person of influence in the city you conceived, designed, and built, all your clients can be the best kind. They find you and flock to you.

No one expects to build a great city in two weeks, but we can do great things over time with some thoughtful strategic direction.

Admit it, you’d make a great mayor.

I specialize in working with photographers and other brilliant creative minds, and can’t wait to tell you what possibilities I see.

Book your Person of Influence session.

We’ll speak for 90 minutes and devise several design and business ideas that work together as a system to establish your influence. As if that was ever in doubt.

Increase profits based on your own recognizance.

First, we’ll talk about what’s possible for you. Then, we’ll talk about what it will take to turn yourself into a person of influence over the next several months. You come away with a plan, with plenty of room to evolve over time.

We’ll ask ourselves these questions:

  • Where are the opportunities?
  • Is there a way to use your current connections to attract high-end buyers?
  • Do you need to specialize?
  • What’s your theme? What’s your story?
  • Where are the best plans to promote yourself without becoming desperately self-promotional?

Ready to Plan Your City?

The fee for your session is $600. And, if we work together, it applies to your project fee.

One caveat that doesn’t apply to you. Please don’t request the design session unless you truly want to become a Person of Influence in your space. Nothing is more unfortunate than drawing up the plans to a great city that never comes to be.

Your future citizens await!

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