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Being awesome comes naturally to you. But sending your awesomeness out into the world via pixels, print and your overall branding takes some doing. Does your current website, publication or branding show and tell the story of who you are, what you do, and for whom? Does the story compel people to act?

Effective design makes people say “Yes.” “More.” “Wow.” “Now!”

Let’s make certain your design is as effective as it is attractive.

Have questions or concerns about your print publication (magazine, marketing collateral, catalog, etc.)? Does it hold its own in the digital age? Feel good in people’s hands? Feed their minds and fuel their desires? Editorial design is the foundation of my design portfolio. I know what works. I will help you harness the power of print to cut through the clutter and make a lasting impression.

What about your website? Is it everything it could be? Can it stake a larger claim in the vast galaxy of the internet? Generate more traffic and sales? Look more professional and appealing? Be managed with greater ease and efficiency? I’ll evaluate your site’s beauty and brains and suggest improvements including SEO recommendations that won’t weaken your story with clunky keyword stuffing.

Design consultations include an evaluation of appearance and functionality, and an action plan to roll out improvements one step at a time or in one giant leap.

Cost: $125/hour

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