Squarespace Web Design


After more than a decade of web design experience, I have selected Squarespace as my platform of choice for websites, blogs and ecommerce. I assure you it’s anything but square! Squarespace templates are beautiful to start with and ever so customizable. (Think outside the template!) The look and experience that greet visitors of your Squarespace site will be as unique as you are.

Once I’ve designed your site using Squarespace, it’s a cinch for you to update on your own. New pages are easy to add, text and images are easy to add or switch out, and adding embeds from, say, YouTube or Issuu is as simple as clicking a button.

Squarespace is all about freedom and ease, but it does take a certain level of skill to unlock all the customizable features and unleash its awesomeness. When you hire me, you also tap my passion and expertise with regard to color, type, photography and content organization, as well as my artistic and technical ability to put all of those elements in place so that your web presence is attractive and engaging—just like you. I can also help you solidify the strategy behind your online presence.

The result? A destination website worthy of repeat visits and immersive exploration.

Prices start at $2,755.

Because of the personal attention paid to each client, I design no more than six client websites per year. I’d love for YOU to be one of those clients.

Contact me today! ☛