Design can have such a positive impact on the way people live and their relationships and moods.

— Genevieve Gorder

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“Brides and grooms looking for sophisticated designs for their wedding invitations should use Coco Paperie. Coco Paperie ensures a personalized look for a unique invitation that reflects the mood of your special day. Coco Paperie is a hassle-free way to design and print invitations that will impress your guests and become one of your favorite keepsakes from the day. Just reveal a few details about yourselves and your day and watch as Deb creates an invitation from your vision.  You will be completely satisfied with the printed results, and you will not be able to stop looking at them until they have been mailed to your guests. You have plenty of work to do while planning your wedding; let Deb take care of your invitations.”

— Jo Ella and Brian Hoye

“Working with Deb was hands down the most positive and enjoyable part of our entire wedding planning experience. Her skills as a designer and her professionalism in guiding us through the process took away all the stress, leaving us with an invitation that was far more creative and elegant and “us” than anything we ever imagined was possible! From details like paper choices and color schemes… to broad strokes such as our wedding concepts, our personal style and our values… Deb got it all and relayed it in an invitation that became a keepsake which we were excited and proud to send to our guests. One of our favorite wedding planning memories was the numerous people who emailed and called us after receiving the invitations to say it was the most amazing and memorable wedding invitation they had ever seen – and to find out how we did it. Our secret was Deb!”

— Lara Solt and Michael Hamtil


When we got over our initial euphoria of having gotten engaged, we became a bit distressed at the thought of designing our wedding invitations. We are not artistic and we were extremely fortunate because we know Deb of Coco Paperie, and knew we had to hire her.

Upon talking in depth with her about ourselves and the essence of what we were looking for, she created wedding invitations that were "so us." It was clear that she took her work very seriously, and that she had a talent for understanding her clients' tastes. We still recall the day that she sent over her initial designs, we could not stop smiling and raving to each other how perfectly she captured our relationship. We LOVED it! She then hazarded a guess as to the colors we might consider, and again, we were very happy with them.

We recognized that although we gushed about our wedding invitations to our families and friends, others may have felt differently. However, after we sent out them out, we received a myriad of compliments from our guests, and more importantly, we received the highest praise from our most discerning family members and friends. Wonderful! Many remarked on how adeptly the invitations reflected us as a couple, others were wowed by the quality of the paper, the letterpress printing, the color theme, and the personalized design.

Deb was a pleasure to work with, she was diligent, helpful, and a perfectionist. We could not recommend her more highly for your wedding invitations.

— Joy Rusmintratip and Phillip S. Pang