A sampling of courses I teach and have taught in the Multimedia Photography & Design Department at Newhouse, Syracuse University.



Previously titled, “Craft Your Image” and geared specifically for photographers and designers. Learn why personal branding and marketing matters and how to use a variety of tools to help spread the word about you. I provide actionable steps to hep you feel more confident and minimize the overwhelm of wearing so many hats. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit with confidence and me as your guide.


Introduction to Graphic Design is a course which aims to teach you the basics of design through practice. Learn what designers do every day. The course will help you break down the visual messages you see and will someday help you design a compelling experience no matter your job title. Students learn theory, methods, techniques and the underlying principles of visual communication. You also learn to apply them through hands-on projects to solve problems and elicit emotions. Projects include websites, identities, posters and interactive magazines.


Typography is everywhere. How we experience typography will only continue to increase. We are assaulted while we drive, sit on a plane, use our mobile devices and more. Understanding how to use type takes dedication and initiative. Mastery of type for any designer is a lifelong practice and exploration. This course is designed to teach students about type history, how to think about the selection and use of typography and give typography context in our community.


This course was designed for the Military Visual Journalism program at S.I. Newhouse and the U.S. Department of Defense.

An introduction to intermediate-to-advanced design concepts and skills with a focus on interaction design. Through discussions, analysis, projects and exercises, we will focus on bridging the gap between you and your audience through design. The course will emphasize design: content, information architecture, interactivity, interactive workflow, language, user experience and more advanced software skills to help students accomplish course requirements skills.