The Situation

Giving out my business card used to make me cringe. I make lingeriebags, so details count. I worried that no matter how well the
conversation went, people wouldn’t be impressed once they found my

As my business started taking off, I discovered my website also had a
lot of glitches. People couldn’t find the products they needed. The
layout wasn't user friendly.

I started looking for a web designer.


I wasn’t sure about working with someone who wasn’t local, but Deb’s
work was so clean and inviting. None of the other designers came close.

They didn’t seem as committed as Deb, either. I didn’t get the sense
they really wanted to know about me or my business. This wasn’t the case
with Deb.

I’ll admit I was intimidated when Deb sent me her 17-page
questionnaire. But, as I started to fill it out, I realized Deb was the
type of designer who really wanted to understand me as a person—as well
as my business. I just knew from reading Deb’s questions that she was
going to do an excellent job. And she did.


We started talking design, basic colors, layout. Deb gave me an outline of how the design was going to work.

Even though I didn't know what I wanted, and had no idea what the end
result would look like, I trusted Deb. I told her, “You know my
business, and you know where I want to go.”

Still, I didn’t think it was possible to visualize a website based a
brief conversation. So when I saw the first draft, I was like, Oh my
God. I had known it was going to be amazing, but it far exceeded my
expectations. She completely transformed my website.

I used to worry my website would keep important deals from going
through. I don’t worry about that anymore. Deb also helped me with my
logo and shared extensive information about websites and improving a
business. Deb’s not like any designer I’ve met. She's actually more of a
business consultant.


People told me working with a web designer could be stressful. They
said they had to keep checking in, exchanging lots of emails.

Deb really streamlined the process. She told me everything that was
going on, and she was extremely easy to reach. I never had to worry.

And, because she uses Basecamp, we didn’t need to email back and
forth. I would just log on to Basecamp, upload whatever I needed,
contacting Deb directly. Communicating with her was so easy.


It's so nice to work with a designer who has a lot of business
experience, someone who can really help position your brand. Deb knows
what she’s doing. She was five steps ahead of me all the way.