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Cococello is a team composed of our clients and a few allied partners, headed up by Deb Pang Davis ( 방연호 ).

My path to the web began with a BFA in Photography. I've been an award-winning magazine art director and designer for a luxury travel magazine and National Geographic Traveler.

My hands were stained with darkroom chemicals and press ink. I can deliver a tiny logo or a hefty magazine spread. Guaranteed Smudge-Free™. In-between were the hands-on years of photo-retouching, setting type, darkroom work, being a hand model for a day (!), crafting compelling story packages, and mastering the intersection of brand experiences, readers, and business goals.

Grateful for that rich experience, I brought it to my work on the web, learning new technologies and how to stretch beyond print to a new set of potentials and constraints.

A creative at heart, I’m enthralled with Design itself: the principles that perfectly deliver a message. The message itself is essential to me—working with people who love life and want to make it more beautiful, more pleasurable, more luxurious for others, or who are driven to make life better—or even possible—for people in a faraway village.

I know that I am inseparable from my environment. It's only natural that I often work with people who care about sustainability and global issues.

I am Korean-American, born stateside, the first child of three, and the only daughter. Asian background? Then you’ll know the significance. My name in Korean, Yeon or Yun hoh, is roughly translated as “Yun” (flower of the lake) and “hoh” (big heart).

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cocoa bars
jasmine. green.
of one amazing husband

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