My clients & colleagues? Happy and proud. I’m so pleased.



Multimedia photojournalist

When you hire Deb, you are hiring a master, someone who can take a complicated project fromconcept to completion, while executing every detail with thoughtful style. Working with Deb was the perfect choice, for so many reasons. She combines her vast knowledge of visual journalism, her elegant aesthetic, and her deep understanding of the artistic process with great care and patience. These traits, among others, helped me truly transform the way I portray my work. This type of project is very personal and can be daunting at times, but Deb made it easy.




It’s because of your hard work I’ve caught David Alan Harvey’s attention and was invited to his NYC workshop. The site is already paying dividends.


Independent Radio Reporter

“Deb took a half-baked idea formed in the middle of the night and created a beautiful, simple website. As a radio reporter I’ve long searched for a way to publish my work in a format that is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, and one that is also flexible enough to allow for contributors and different content. Deb came up with the perfect solution and I couldn’t be more pleased. She is a delight to work with and always manages to find the most simple and elegant solution to every challenge. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”



Los Angeles Wedding Photojournalist

Because of her talent, I am opening up my first studio and finally moving my home office downtown Chicago. There is absolutely no way I could have ever consider this leap before working with Deb. I have raised my prices by 30 percent per shoot, and the bookings are coming faster than I ever imagined. Even in a recession.

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Winemaker, COR Cellars

Working with Deb was painless and everything came out just as I would have hoped. She has great style, a firm grasp of everything that needed to be included on the site and was helpful in every way. I would happily recommend her to anyone looking to build a new site or fix up their old one.




Deb had come highly recommended by Kevin Weinstein. He is a friend of mine and I love the designs she did for him. I was more comfortable with the idea of working with someone who came highly recommended versus someone who didn't have that kind of connection. I had looked all over the place for a web designer.

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Editorial Photographers

We knew she was creative and were familiar with her work as a magazine designer, but we came to realize she is also savvy about the web. There is a lot of information in our site which made it a challenge. Deb found a way to give it a clean look that is easy to navigate, and yet the design allows people to go into depth to find more if they like.”



former Lead Developer, now with Google

Deb is an incredible designer and a complete joy to work with. I've hired her on several projects to date, and each time she has surpassed my expectations and delivered the product way above par. It's always exciting to work with her, and I'm looking forward to our next project together. I highly recommend her!


Acoustic Jazz Guitarist

I hired Deb Pang Davis in the Fall of ’09 to do the design work for my third CD release. I knew after just a short browse through her portfolio that just by finding her I’d have a great package. I’m a big believer in hiring a great artist and then letting them do their thing. After a short meeting she quickly honed in on exactly the image I was trying to put across with this new CD, which is very different from my others: simple and hip. With very little back and forth—though I always got the sense she’d be happy to try more things—I quickly received a design that I'm exceedingly happy with. It’s just a joy to work with Deb. I’m already thinking about what I can have her do next.



Sustainability Consultant

I was really impressed with Deb’s process—especially her client intake form. She asked the kinds of questions I ask my own clients. ‘Do you have authority to do this project?’ and 'Who’s going to sign off on the copy?

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Jerry Sealy

Art Director, Visual Journalist (former Creative Director, National Geographic Traveler)

Combining creative thinking, love of the written word, a passion for photography, a knack for typography, and a thorough understanding of web-based technologies and tools, Deb Pang Davis is a designer like no other.



Senior Editor, Virtuoso Life

“I’ve worked extensively with Deborah Pang at Virtuoso Life, both in her role as art director and as our preferred freelance designer after her position was relocated to Fort Worth. Deb has an excellent eye for design, an arsenal of contacts with award-winning photographers, and one of the best work ethics of anyone we’ve collaborated with. She’s creative, provides honest opinions/assessments of layouts when asked, and can be counted on to deliver under deadline pressures. I highly recommend her for design work.”

Karin Anderson

Custom Wedding Jewelry Designer

Deb is a person you can give a job to and breath a sigh of relief because you know you won't have to worry about the results, the deadlines, the quality, the budget. She is talented, creative, easy to work with, very flexible and pro-active in smoothing bumps in the road without losing sight of the finish line. Working with Deb is always like working with your dream designer. I would never go anywhere else. She has designed numerous projects for me, including several websites, and the experience is always the same — fabulous!”


Shaun Sartin

Corporate, Editorial Photographer

Deb is like a web designer to logo designer, as well as business consultant.

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Jenn LeBlanc

Author, Photographer, Illustrated Romance

What I love most is that I can do a quick two hours with her and get insight into something I am trying to do myself but need a little advice on or I can turn the project over to her skilled hands. As a control freak option A is an important part of my work flow, and that she is able to step back and let me retain control of my work while giving me suggestions that truly enhance and improve it in immeasurable ways means the absolute world to me.

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Amy Alipio

Associate Editor, National Geographic Traveler

“I recommend Deb wholeheartedly: she's an ideas person, with a sophisticated eye and aesthetic flair, and brings enthusiasm to everything she does. It was a real joy working with her.”