Custom Print
& Digital Publication Design


Be it a periodical (print or digital) or your magnum opus (a book of photography, a cookbook, your illustrated dream diary), a publication will be judged by its cover and, upon closer scrutiny, the smallest of details—the design choices the average person doesn’t notice consciously but perceives as evidence of quality and credibility.

That’s why you need a detail-oriented designer who will elevate your image and amplify your message. I design print and digital publications with multiple pages and lots of images including:

  • Custom photography books
  • Fashion lookbooks
  • Lifestyle product catalogs
  • Travel brochures
  • Cookbooks
  • Promotional magazines and brochures
  • ebooks

Just as a symphony hall’s acoustics can either enhance a performance or darn near ruin it, publication design can either amplify or dampen your brilliance.


Working one-on-one with photographer Matt Eich.

Working one-on-one with photographer Matt Eich.


Deb’s patience and understanding helped me navigate the many choices that come with laying out a series of images, and bringing them to life on a printed page.

Matt Eich


I believe you and I can make music together. I believe we can bring the house down.

I have as much experience as enthusiasm. Art direction and editorial design are the foundation of my creative portfolio. I perfected my craft at National Geographic Traveler, Virtuoso Life and other fine publications.


I design with the following:

  • Artifact Uprising
  • Blurb
  • MagCloud
  • ReadyMag
  • iBooks
  • InDesign (Conveyor Editions, Edition One and others)


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