I have a thing for softer, warmer, friendlier slab serif typefaces and wanted to share my favorites (so far). Not all may be considered ”warm” such as Kulturista or Stag but they are definitely softer than say, Belizio, Rockwell or Dispatch.

I’m positively certain I’m forgetting a bunch but 17 seems to be a good number to digest.

Most of the ones I selected have a good range of weights especially a thin or light and have a delightful italic style to complement their roman counterparts.

Right now, I really have an eye for Ernestine. I wanted something similar to Archer and Ernestine was recommended.

Note: I did my best to make all at the same size.

Note: I did my best to make all at the same size.

Adagio by BoruttaAdelle by TypetogetherAdria Slab by FacetypeBree serif by TypetogetherCabrito by InsigneCassia by HoftypeCentro Slab Pro by ParachuteChaparral Pro by AdobeChennai Slab by InsigneErnestine by Nina StössingerKulturista by Suitcase Type FoundryLaski by Re-TypeLexia by Dalton MaagNewslab by LatinoTypeSchwager by LatinoTypeStag by SchwartzcoVista Slab by Emigre

Do you have a favorite slab serif?