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Good Stuff 12 14 2014

This week's more good stuff includes mesmerizing animated GIFs, ReadyMag's newest fix position feature and Moo's “letterpress” business cards.

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New Yorker’s Animated Gif Cover by Christoph Neiman

This animated gif illustrated and designed by Christoph Neiman is the latest cover for The New Yorker and it is super classy.

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Animated Infographic: How a Bean Becomes a Fart

I am not a reader of Men's Health but I am a Vimeo member and I just had to click on “How a Bean Becomes a Far” when it arrived in my inbox. 

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Good Stuff 08 24 2014

Huang Hsin-Chien’s The Moment We Meet, Step away from the computer and Fun, self-paced online learning

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