Over the years life and people have shown me that I can’t be realistic about being liked by everyone. It’s a life lesson that is hard and one that keeps me moving forward despite the uncomfortable feelings.

LGBT issues are a controversial topic and I run the risk of turning off some of you by sharing this video; that you’ll never come back or hire me or even hate me. I’m sad at the prospect but I prefer to have greater understanding of people, things and places that are not familiar to me. 

Fifty Shades of Gay or Is it ‘Grey’?

So, I found Tillet Wright’s talk and work inspiring and a great contribution to the discussion of equality, civil rights, gender and well simply, many topics that cause rifts and pain. She asks a lot of great questions.

I learned a lot from her. She uses photographic portraits to tell the collective story of thousands of people who find themselves in ‘the grey’.

Aren’t all of us in the grey?

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H/T to Kyrstal Plonski