ReadyMag just keeps getting better. The just announced what they call “Scroll Navigation”. It is sweet.

The timing of this announcement is perfect. A photographer and I are collaborating on a digital publication and this new feature offers some additional possibilities. Woohoo!

We opted after much discussion to go with ReadyMag over InDesign and Adobe’s Digital Publication Suite (DPS). There are just too many hurdles.

The fear of third-party apps

There’s some fear about using third party apps and tools for content. I completely understand because many people have been burned.

But third party apps and tools can save you time; that equals saving you money. If you embed html from say Vimeo or use plugins for WordPress, you are still vulnerable to the service going out of business or the plugin no longer being supported.

The web is ever-changing and with so many services, interactive products available, it is hard to know which ones are here to stay. I suppose this is a headache we risk to be on the web.

Still, I think this could be a great solution. I spent some time via email with one of the creators and he explained that any content can be exported into html, css and javascript; syntax that is by nature the standard for building web pages.

I can't predict the future and of course I can't say for certain they won't go out of business or that services won’t change. But I gotta say (if you can’t tell already), I’m a huge fan.

View the demo sample about Dieter Rams:

You can sign up here: