ReadyMag. Do you know it?

I signed up with ReadyMag since beta (April 2013) and was immediately smitten. As a former magazine art director and designer, ReadyMag feels familiar and allows me tremendous amounts of freedom to create content relationships as I pleased. (Content relationships is my way of saying creating a layout.)

Since then they have added wonderful type features, hundreds of icons, ability to design for different screen sizes (viewports), PDF export, adding audio, video and using a custom domain among other great features. Recently they announced their embed featurewoohoo!

Now you can add any publication created with R/m to your website or blog and people can view it without leaving your place. Basically, you can create a website inside a website.

— ReadyMag Newsletter

Why am I so excited? Two big reasons:

  1. Embedding your magazine in a web page means your website visitors can view your magazine within the context of your website rather than having to click off-site to your publication. Viewing your magazine is exactly the same experience with ReadyMag’s embeds as it would be if you did link to the direct url. The experience is similar to how Vimeo embeds work.
  2. The embeds also make it easy for your readers to share your publication in an easy visual format rather than just a link or perhaps via a screengrab. 

C’mon, that is definitely worth a happy dance! 

Ok, so maybe dancing isn’t for you right now but … if you are planning to publish any of the following, I’d say ReadyMag is definitely worth a look.

  • A fashion lookbook
  • Special product catalog
  • Microsite
  • Digital magazine
  • Promotional book
  • Client case studies

And, if you have been using Storehouse or Exposure, ReadyMag is also a great way to feature narratives but with more custom layout options, typography, page formats and interactive elements galore.

You don’t need to know code or write a single line of it. But, if you can write code, you have that option, too.

Check out their examples. This one uses video as their backgrounds:

I personally cannot wait to use this on an upcoming project!