I’m bursting with excitement because our yard is about to get a face lift!

Here's what it looked like a couple of days ago:



It’s so conservative, symmetricalboring!

The root system is a mess and a lot of the plants have matured beyond belief. Plus the soil is ancient. Many of these plants are too large for their placement.

When we bought the house there was also this crazy creeping vine going up the chimney. Ick. We got rid of that as soon as possible. I detest English Ivy. Did you know it is an invasive plant?

And yesterday …

Tree surgeons and other big men who work with big machines came by to tear out the plants, trim two trees and cable one.

So now the house and beds look like this!

Kinda creepy right?

After plants have been removed.

After plants have been removed.

All the plants that were installed (who knows when) have been removed including the butt-ugly hedge of sickly, anemic bushes along that hideous chain-link fence.

Can you tell I did not like a few things? Ha.

We also pruned a tree (gum tree, I think) in the strip and apparently a special tree in the back. I cannot believe how pruning a tree can make such a difference! BTW — Does anyone know what that area between the sidewalk and the street is called?)

And today is the big day!

We hope.

It’s raining today so I have no idea if the planting will begin (sad face) but I'm crossing my fingers that the storm passes quickly.

A refresh is so overdue.

Stay tuned. I'm eager to see and share more pictures!