Don’t Be Fooled by MOO’s “Letterpress Printed” Business Cards

A few days ago I received my MOO email newsletter with an announcement of their latest offering: letterpress business cards.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

But … don't be fooled. These are not letterpress printed cards. They only look the part and yes, they may feel the part but deboss is not the same as letterpress printing. Letterpress printing involves moveable type and the best printers go through years of training to achieve the look and feel we’ve come to love.

So, while I have ordered from Moo, I totally agree with John Brownlee on this:

If I’m going to spend money on letterpress, I’d rather give it to artisans and craftsmen, not a faceless Internet printing company.

Stunning Animated GIFs by Erik Söderberg

Prepare your eyes for mesmerizing GIF stimulation.


This is not your average GIF animation. These are the creations of cross-media artist, Erik Söderberg.

A personal project, Fractal Experience Part I was a static expression of patterns in nature and humans. Fractal Experience Part II is a “[continuation of] the expression of geometric shapes, patterns, and fractals with an added element: space-time”.


via It's Nice That

ReadyMag Releases Fix Position

Fix position (or fixed-positioning) is the latest featured to be released by ReadyMag, an easy-to-use publishing product. Typically it is used to fix primary navigation to the top or side of the browser window and lately I've seen a trend of fixed-positioning be applied to any design element including logos, text and more to achieve a layered effect.

Fixed positioning can be difficult for beginners in CSS to grasp so ReadyMag is making it that much easier for everyone to publish without having to touch code or sacrifice creating eye-pleasing effects.

It seems every release by ReadyMag so far makes their product more and more appealing. It's an excellent way to release a magazine, lookbook, micro-site, catalog and so many other publications.

Check out their examples or sign up for an account (I did a long time ago 😉

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