September Break!

I’ll be back with Good Stuff on Sunday, October 5th. (The Good Stuff you find on my blog is an extension of a weekly Sunday e-newsletter I send out to my wonderful subscribers.)

It’s time for a wee break to get my ducks in a row. I’m planning on a number of things to refocus and recharge my business including getting my blog whipped back into shape.

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Alphabetics Book by Little Gestalten

This is a wonderful alphabet book for kids by Patrick and Traci Concepción and the illustrations by Dawid Ryski are delightful. This is not your usual alphabet picture book. 

This would make a great gift for the young person or graphic designer in your life.

View more images from Dawid Ryski portfolio »

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The Best Map App for Urbanites & Travel to Cities

Bye, Google Maps is a great article comparing the City Mappers app and Google Maps

The next time I head to NYC, I'll give this my own trial run!



Google Maps

Google Maps

Animated gifs via Zach Hamad

Finally, a Video on How to Eat Sushi!

If you love to eat sushi, please watch this video. 

There’s a reason why you are given the warm towel when you sit down.

Oh, and a few other tips:

  • If you are going to rub your chopsticks together, do it discreetly
  • Never stick your chopsticks into your rice bowl
  • If you are drinking a beverage (sake, beer, tea), the younger person serves the older person. 

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Google’s New Slides App for iOS & Updates to Docs and Sheets

Image via Google Enterprise Blog

Image via Google Enterprise Blog

Google Presentations have come in handy for me when a quick presentation has to be made and now with the Slides mobile app, iOS users can make edits on the go even offline.

Pretty sweet.

Read more about the iOS app and updates to Docs and Sheets

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