Kinetic Portrait Mashup by Huang Hsin-Chien

This art installation is mesmerizing. 

Learn more about the piece, “The Moment We Meet” on Hsin-Chien Huang’s website

via DesignTaxi

The Beauty of Making

I can relate to this so much.

My 15 minutes has resulted in this, this and this.

We shouldn’t be so rigid with our time that we forget to stop and notice precious details of our day. No creative person should be so wrapped up administrative tasks that they forget to sit down and just make stuff.

— Rebecca Pollock


Step away from the computer and you might discover more than the enjoyment of making something!

Learn On Your Own Time with Atly

Veronica pointed me to Atly and I'm now in learning heaven!

Screengrab via

Screengrab via

Check it out. There are so many interesting and fun classes such as lettering, illustration, video, software, marketing, natural cleaning methods and more.

Honestly, I’m back in school and having an excellent time.

Just a few featured classes available at

Just a few featured classes available at

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