A Richard Avedon App

Richard Avedon is one of my favorite photographers. I’ve admired his work ever since I learned about him when I was a photography and film major at The University of the Arts.

The Richard Avedon Foundation released The Richard Avedon app earlier this year and it is wonderful; wonderful in ways a coffee table book is not.

Images via The Richard Avedon Foundation

Images via The Richard Avedon Foundation

The app is full of more than 1,000 of Avedon’s images and work — fashion, portraiture, reportage and more. It is stunning on the iPad.

Download The Richard Avedon app »

“Perfect is Losing Track of Happiness”

This is definitely something to think about:

via Erin Anacker

Identify Web Fonts

Started by two prolific and talented designers, Type Sample is a tool for finding out what typefaces are being used on websites.

It’ll be interesting to see how the tool and site develops. Use the bookmarklet to sample from websites you feel use type well or are just simply interesting.


screengrab from typesample

screengrab from typesample

Milton Glaser Interviews by INC. Magazine

Milton Glaser, graphic designer extraordinaire, a legend (he designed the I Love NY logo, started New York magazine, redesigned The Nation, among other great accomplishments). He is an artist, an entrepreneur, an educator and really, captures the true essence of a designer.

So when Milton Glaser speaks, I listen.

INC magazine has produced a series of interviews with Milton Glaser. I love them and I hope they will be available for years to come.

This video is about defining design.

Design is a way of achieving a result that you assume is preferable to existing condition. So, when we start talking about design let’s […] not get confused about appearance and design; and then what is cool and what’s stylish and what is trendy. All of those are artifacts attached to the basic function of design.

— Milton Glaser

I haven’t been through all the videos, yet, but “Only Work With People You Like” is another of my favorites.

Note: Turn down your volume because the repeated CHASE ads at the beginning are super annoying.

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