12 Lessons As A Freelancer

This is a wonderful story from user experience and product strategy designer Sven Lenaerts about his journey as a freelancer in his first year. I can relate to so much of his experiences, thoughts and lessons learned. Hmm, perhaps I should write a related blog post?

Read My First Year As a Freelancer: 12 Lessons in 12 Months »

Pinterest: Will It Be More Valuable Than Google?

This NPR story, “Can Pinterest Compete with Google’s Search?” is an interesting take on data, business, people, emotion, behavior and then some.

I personally love Pinterest. I know many who can‘t stand it. It’s just one more social media space they don’t want to ‘do’.

“There’s no value.”

“All my stuff gets ‘stolen’.”

To the naysayers, after listening to this story, you may change your mind especially if your audience hangs out on Pinterest.

[Pinterest is] a repository of things that people would like to have or do. They’re a database of intentions [ … ] a database of things in the world that matter to human beings.

— Alexis Madrigal, Deputy Editor, The Atlantic.com

But remember: Social media is a tactic. Be sure to develop a strategy.

New Music: Valerie June

It's hard for me to find new music that I like and once I started listening to Valerie June I was sold.

Don’t you just love her tagline?

Organic Moonshine Roots Music

Her voice is soulful, bluesy, folksy …? I'm not great at describing music but the sound, the mixture is right up my alley.

Buy Pushin’ Against A Stone on iTunes, Amazon or her store.

Note: I wanted to give a HT to a woman on Google+ who posted this album but I couldn't find the post (boo).

New Book: On Web Typography by Jason Santa Maria

image via abookapart.com

image via abookapart.com

I have been waiting for what feels like eons for On Web Typography by designer Jason Santa Maria to be released.

It’s a must-have for any designer’s library and I feel a book that anyone who publishes web pages would value even if you plan to hire an expert.

Using type is much more nuanced than most people realize. The design of a typeface is where it begins and context plays a huge role in deciding which typeface to use and how.

Type is language.

I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I think for non-designers, you’ll develop a greater understanding or connection with reading, language, type and of course what designers do! (grin)

Purchase On Web Typography in multiple formats.

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