NASA: One of the Best Twitter Responses Ever

Just in case any of you missed it, William Shatner tweeted to NASA and got this priceless response:

via Business Insider

Smile! Playful Package Design Concept for Trident Xtra Care

Aren’t these so much fun?!

If these were available I would buy gum just to collect all six variations of this package design.

See the full packaging set by designer, Hani Douaji.

via Fubiz

Be Generous and Your Network Will Follow You

This is a fantastic talk by Josh Klein about networking, black markets, technology and relationships.

When you share, amazing things can happen.

via 99U

Calligraphy 101 with Christie Jones of Bedsidesign

You may already know that I've been sharing my experiences, process and my major cringe-face results as a beginner in calligraphy.

Well, my instructor and supporter, Christie, recently announced that every Wednesday = Calligraphy 101.

It's a new series that will be available on her instagram feed.

Lucky us!

Calligraphy starter kit via

Calligraphy starter kit via

Above is the inexpensive “box” of supplies to get you started. Serious. That is all.

Join me in learning calligraphy and #showyourwork as a #calligraphynewbie on Instagram!

Read Christie's blog post for details about the starter kit here, follow her on instagram and join so many of us in learning calligraphy.

Metrize: Beautiful, Minimalist Icons

This is a great set of 300 icons designed by Alessio Atzeni. They are available for free or you can make a donation.

Image from

Image from

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