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Game of Thrones Blooper

Yes, I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. I love SciFi.

So when this video was released from the 2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego, I watched it immediately. It’s been spreading fast around the internet so you may have already seen it and why not enjoy it for another round?

Try not to drink or eat while watching this video. You may spit out whatever you have in your mouth!

via The Verge

Type Designer David Berlow Awarded a Medal of Excellence

I’m still learning so much about typography and one of the best things about my self-directed education is reading about type designers and type history.

Last week, TDC (Type Director’s Club) awarded David Berlow the 27th Medal of Excellence. It is a HUGE honor.

Meet the co-founder and designer behind the type foundry, Font Bureau. He designed some of my favorite typefaces: Belizio, Throhand, Eldorado, Bureau Grot and Village.

This video (below) is a fascinating window and timeline of a type designer’s relationship with technology.

News of Stefan Sagmeister's thoughts about storytelling and the use of the ubiquitous label, “storyteller” that so many creative-types call themselves. Links to the video spread fast on Twitter causing much debate in the comments.

Now everybody’s a storyteller. [It’s] bullshit.

— Stefan Sagmeister, FITC 2014 interview

He made me think.

Many agree, many have blasted him. I think he makes a valid point and adds to the conversation. It may be a strong way to make the point. But sometimes you have to swear to make a point.

Kudos to FITC for publishing the interview.

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