Gorgeous Topographic Calendar for Land Rover

Image via gessato.com

Image via gessato.com

This topographic calendar designed by Turkish graphic designer Zeynep Orbay for Land Rover is utterly stunning. I can only imagine what it cost to print it.

See more images at gessato.com or in Zeynap’s design portfolio »

Independent Worker? Read this series by Brian Boyer.

Photo by Bonnie Natko (flickr)

Photo by Bonnie Natko (flickr)

I believe many of you will identify with the people in these articles as I did.

This series helps see “me” in a greater context and helped me understand my frustrations with the definition of work and careers today.

Start with this articleBye Bye Busytown” which sets you up for his series about independent life and work.

Then, read this, “The Leading Edge: Why Independents are an early warning system of the economy”.

The next in the series will publish on July 22nd (Tuesday this week).

Amazing Font Deal: Quiroga

Images via inkydeals.com

Images via inkydeals.com

Quiroga, a serif typeface, is on sale for approximately 11 more days for only $19. It is a steal so I bought a license for myself 🙂

Designed by Fernando Diaz of TipoType, I’ve had my eye on it for oh, a week of two?

Why I love it and why I bought it:

  • It's warm, approachable
  • Reads well at small sizes
  • Sports some wonderful design details

It's a high-quality typeface designed by an award-winning type design studio.

Get your license now at InkyDeals »

Expectations as a Creative Person and a Creative Life

Image via pinterest.com

Image via pinterest.com

Believe in yourself.

I don't know about you, but there are days, moments, weeks, heck maybe even months where my high standards of my self make believing in my self trés difficile.

The dreaded and ugly self-doubt rears its head and all you want to do is eat loads of cookies (or for you guys, grab a beer with friends.)

So, for those moments, I've made a copy of these three reminders from, “Dealing with Your Creative Expectatons” by Kate Leonard.

Read them here »

(PS: Don't you just love this fashion illustration?)

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