This is an amazing deal from FONTYOU. (Good through February 15, 2015)

It's their Valentine’s Day bundle: Exquise FY Bold, Maryleen FY, Serafine FY, Ella FY Regular, Jasmina FY, Vanille FY plus 2 gift cards and 2 paper patterns. All for 25 Euros!

Buy at FontYou

Tita Script by Sandra Biondi,Daniel Hernández via LatinoType

This script is so warm and animated I could probably play with it all day. It makes me smile.

Buy Tita Script at MyFonts

Fantasy by designer Sabrina Mariela Lopez via Typesenses.

Super classy. This beauty has that old but contemporary thing going on. 

Buy Fantasy at MyFonts.

Plates Napery by Måns Grebäck via Airing Typeface.

This reminds me of noodles and brings to mind the Disney movie, “Lady and the Tramp”!

Buy Plate Napery at MyFonts

Ruffina by TipoType.

Ooo, subtle feminine touches on this serif are sexy. Pair it with some ornaments and voila!

Buy Ruffina at MyFonts

Salt and Spices Pro by designer Hanneke Classen via FontForecast.

This is one of the rare calligraphy typefaces that looks and feels authentic. Oh yes.

Buy Salt and Spices Pro at MyFonts

Happy type love!