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Photographer and Artist Crush: Tillet Wright

Over the years life and people have shown me that I can’t be realistic about being liked by everyone. It’s a life lesson that is hard and one that keeps me moving forward despite the uncomfortable feelings.

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Landscaping For Our Home: Part Two

I’ve been wanting to share photos of our new landscaping (part two) for weeks and I’ve been so swamped with projects of late …

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Show Your Work: Calligraphy Beginnings Part 3

Thanks to everyone who responded with likes and comments on the photos I posted on Instagram and Flickr for my first set of exercises as a calligraphy beginner.

The support, excitement and encouragement that felt really great.

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Show Your Work: Calligraphy Beginnings Part 2

“Slow down” is the constant reminder in my head as I see the details of my mistakes or what I perceive to be mistakes. Once I listen, the slower movements seem to yield better results.

We'll see. Is 10,000 hours enough?

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New Landscaping for Our Home: Part One

I’m bursting with excitement because our yard is about to get a face lift!

Here's what it looked like a couple of days ago:

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I’m a Beginner Again

This past May I finally took a calligraphy class and I’m showing my beginnings with you.

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