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Voice Recorder for Interviews

There was a time when I interviewed several people about photographers’ websites (another time, another story) and used my iPhone 6S with a Sennheiser ClipMic digital microphone (lightning connector). It worked pretty well under the right conditions but the software is clunky and perhaps better suited for someone who much more well-versed in audio.

voice recorder
Sony UX560 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

I wanted an easier recorder. So, after some research, I decided to go with a small voice recorder that was under $100: the Sony UX560 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder.

Wirecutter recommended this voice recorder for students who wanted to record lectures and based additional reviews on Amazon, I decided to go for it.

It worked great and I highly recommend getting one. Be sure to get a case and a microSD card. Eventually, I hope to purchase a microphone to attach to the recorder but for the moment, the recorder works great as is. It does capture some ambient noise so ideally, future interviews will take place in a quiet location.


My friend Andrea pointed me to Rev for transcriptions and overall I’ve been impressed by their professionalism, accuracy and turn-around. It beats having to DIY. This time, I was fortunate because our teammate, Mackenzie, is a transcription goddess.

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ReadyMag: Parallax-type vertical scrolling

ReadyMag just keeps getting better. The just announced what they call “Scroll Navigation”. It is sweet.

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Good Stuff 12 14 2014

This week's more good stuff includes mesmerizing animated GIFs, ReadyMag's newest fix position feature and Moo's “letterpress” business cards.

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Good Stuff 12 07 2014

Yes, I’ve been away for awhile and I do apologize BUT, it's been a rather crazy couple of months filled with loads of travel and unfortunately a hospital stay. Phew.

But now that I’m back here’s some good stuff for today!

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Good Stuff 08 31 2014

How to Eat Sushi (finally), an adorable alphabet book for kids and adults, Google release Slides for iOS and City Mappers vs. Google Maps. 

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Good Stuff 08 24 2014

Huang Hsin-Chien’s The Moment We Meet, Step away from the computer and Fun, self-paced online learning

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Good Stuff 08 17 2014

This week's Good Stuff:A Richard Avedon iPad app, Identify web fonts, Perfect is BS, Milton Glaser on what is design.

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Good Stuff 08 10 2014

This week’s good stuff: 12 Freelance Lessons, “New” music, Pinterest vs Google, A must-read web typography book.

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